Ch.Polar Mist N Mishka’s Sierra Reveler WS  (Keano) 22″

WS 45274204, OFA-SA16920 E,(excellent) SA-EYE1039         

(Sire:) Am.Dk.Nor GCh. Polar Mist All the Right Stuff ROM 

Dam: GCh.Polar Mist Russian Party Doll 

Birthdate:  August 26, 2013

Finished his championship with 3 majors including a Specialty major (Willamette Valley Samoyed Fanciers) and a BOB from the classes over Specials (Santa Clara Valley Kennel Club)

Working Title (October 20, 2015):  “Working Samoyed” (WS) in fields of Pack hiking and excursion scootering & skijoring

Temperament:  sweet, loving, playful; strong work ethic, medium sized male, correct coat, jet black pigment,  big side gait reach and drive. Pictured out of coat.

Owner: Paul Van Poelje, Co-owner Lynette Blue