Hi Lynette, " I just had to tell you thank you for allowing us to visit your kennel.Your dogs are gorgeous just like I knew they would be! you have a beautiful place for them too.We very much enjoyed seeing them.We are very pleased at the top notch dogs you breed and look forward to getting one of our own.You are just what we were looking for!I did a lot of research before I found you ,and, now know I made the right choice!" Thanks again, Priscilla


It's official, we're madly in love with our new puppy...she couldn't be any sweeter or more beautiful, and she's surprisingly very well behaved...you'll be relieved to know that all her bodily functions are working too (all performed outside).... We hope to have a name by the end of the weekend, and she will be seeing our Veterinarian on Monday. Thanks again for helping us get our perfect little girl! Happy Holidays! Sue and Rich

Sue & Rich,

Hi Lynette, I hope this email finds you well! I wanted to let you know how wonderful our Kashmir is doing! He is quite the social butterfly in the neighborhood and has many four legged friends that can't wait to see him on our runs and walks. He has even helped out a local neighbor whose dog is not very friendly or social with other animals. The terrier mix, named , Jack, adores Kashmir and has learned to play "nice" and greets Kashmir in a friendly way. Our veterinarian offices ADORES him and the vet techs all come in to see him, get kisses from him and hear him "woo woo". People are always amazed at the woo woo! I still laugh at it too! I probably sound like a parent bragging about their child, but Kashmir is truly a remarkable dog. He is so animated and we are so in love with him!! You breed not only beautiful Samoyeds, but ones that are so loving and that have wonderful personalities! Hope all is well! Cheers, Anastasia